domenica 18 gennaio 2015

Incontro tra i responsabili del PCN-NCP e la delegazione di Socialismo Patriottico (inglese)

Press release /
PCN-SPO / 2015 01 18 /
On January 18 and 19, 2015, a delegation from the Movement SOCIALISMO PATRIOTICO went to Charleroi (Brussels South) to meet with the leadership of the PCN-NCP.
Comrades Stefano BONILAURI, secretary of SP, and Michele FRANCESCHELLI were received at the political offices of Luc MICHEL, president of the PCN-NCP in Charleroi. Also present were the comrades G. Delongueville (Regional Secretary of PCN-NCP Wallonia-Brussels) and J. Vanzeebroeck (PCN-NCP editorial staff).
Long talks, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, were held on the following topics:
- The geopolitical situation in Eurasia and Africa;
- The political panorama in Italy;
- The strengthening of the collaboration between SP and PCN-NCP;
- A reinforced joint work between publishing and press structures of PCN-CPN (including The Peoples’ Cause and EDITIONS MACHIAVEL) and SP (STATO & POTENZA)
- The promotion in Italy of the Pan-African international television AFRIQUE MEDIA TV;
- The development of a transnational structure in Eurasia and Africa (« International » style), intended to fight imperialism and neo-colonialism
- The development of the struggle against ultra-liberalism and for the maintenance of social rights of European peoples, threatened by the projects of the US and the EU (including the TAFTA Treaty);
- The support for the process of Eurasian continental unification (the « Second Europe » which carries the destiny of the Continent from Vladivostok to Reykjavik) and for Russia, the center of the global fight for a new world;
- The support for the BRICS, alternative of the future;
- Active support for Pan-Africanism, sister-struggle of the European liberation struggle;
- The refusal of the American vision of the « Clash of Civilizations » and terrorism linked to religious extremism (two ideological twins).
Both parties stressed the need for coordinated action of all forces fighting for a multipolar world and for the liberation of the four continents. Both parties emphasize the high danger of the US offensive in the maintenance of its world domination: No, the 21st century will not be American again!

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